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Cosmetic bonding is a non-invasive and efficient way to quickly cover flaws in teeth. Our OKC cosmetic dentist recommends bonding for patients who have relatively healthy, attractive smiles, but are concerned about one or two areas on their teeth. By erasing these smaller issues, you can instantly compliment the appearance of your smile as a whole.

A Fast, Affordable Cosmetic Treatment

Dental bonding uses tooth-colored composite (similar to white fillings) to cover over surface flaws in teeth. It’s frequently recommended for stations like:

  • Small chips in tooth enamel
  • Uneven or atypical tooth surfaces
  • Narrow gaps between teeth

Bonding offers a conservative, affordable alternative for patients who may not qualify for dental veneers or need a crown.

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What to Expect

Getting a tooth bonded is almost underwhelming, it’s so simple! The process can usually be completed without any numbing medication because of how conservative it is. But if you have sensitive teeth, we can apply local anesthetic to ensure you’re comfortable.

First, your tooth is gently prepped and conditioned to create a surface that the composite can bond to. Next, our cosmetic dentist selects the best shade of material to blend in with your tooth. From there, the composite is hand-formed over your enamel into the desired shape. At that point, we use a bright light to cure the material into place.

The entire process is usually completed in about a half hour from start to finish. You get to enjoy the results immediately.

Part of Your Complete OKC Smile Makeover

Cosmetic bonding is ideal for our patients who have healthy, aligned teeth with one or two areas of aesthetic concerns. Since covering all of your teeth with veneers would be a bit excessive, bonding allows us to address the issue at hand without impacting the structure of neighboring teeth.

We frequently recommend combining bonding with other cosmetic dentistry options, like teeth whitening.

Bonding vs. Veneers

Bonding is ideal in situations where small aesthetic flaws distract from your smile’s overall appearance. Such as a single chipped tooth or a small gap between two teeth. Whereas veneers address the alignment and shape of all of the teeth in your smile zone. If only one tooth is detracting from your self-confidence, bonding is the preferred treatment of choice.

It’s simple to work bonding into your busy schedule, as you won’t have to take any extra time off from work or worry about numbing medication wearing off in the hours afterward.

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