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Dental lasers are FDA-approved medical devices that our Oklahoma City dentist uses to manage soft tissue concerns. The technology uses high-beam light energy to safely treat a variety of issues on your gums, lips, and more.

Advantages of Laser Dentistry

Soft tissue lasers offer a safe and gentle way to adjust your gum tissues. Unlike conventional gum surgery, lasers can:

  • Minimize inflammation
  • Reduce or eliminate bleeding
  • Provide a faster recovery
  • Are more comfortable
  • Offer same-day results

Our OKC laser dentist prefers this advanced technique over more invasive, traditional forms of oral surgery.

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Dental Laser Treatment Options

As previously mentioned, laser procedures have many advantages over traditional treatments. Below are just some of the procedures where the use of hi-tech lasers can help patients achieve their oral health goals, while leading to speedy recoveries.


Do you have a “gummy” smile? There are several different reasons why a person may have excess gum tissue or short-looking teeth. With a laser, we can easily re-trace new gumlines to reveal fuller, healthier looking teeth. Gummy smile treatment can be completed in just one visit and is a perfect stand-alone cosmetic procedure.

Crown Lengthening

For teeth that are worn or broken, it can be difficult to place a restoration over them if there isn’t enough tooth protruding through the gums. By adjusting the gumlines to sit lower on the tooth, we can lengthen the visible tooth surface so that a crown can be placed on top of it.

Pocket Reduction

Deep periodontal pockets are impossible to manage with normal brushing and flossing. For recurring areas of infection, we may recommend reducing the depth of the pocket so that it’s easier to clean at home each day. Laser pocket reduction is similar to crown lengthening, where the gumlines are gently reduced at certain points around infected teeth.

Cold Sore Treatment

Do you tend to experience frequent cold sores or ulcers? If you feel the early signs of a tingling fever blister, contact our OKC laser dentist immediately. Early laser treatment can cut the lifespan of your cold sore in half!

Dental Implant Treatment

Part of replacing missing teeth with dental implants is allowing your new “tooth” to integrate with the bone and gums before a fixed restoration—like a crown or bridge—is attached on top of it. After it integrates, we use a soft tissue laser to uncover the top of the implant where a thin layer of gum tissue has usually grown over it. The laser minimizes irritation and essentially eliminates recovery time.

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