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Inspection Looking for Dental Cavity & Filling Needs

Tooth decay is a bacterial infection that, if not treated, can spread from one tooth to another. Early diagnosis is key. When cavities are intercepted early, a small filling is usually the only treatment required.

Cavity Symptoms

Not all cavities hurt. Some of the most common symptoms of tooth decay include signs of:

  • Sweet sensitivity
  • Rough edges on your teeth
  • Food or floss catching between teeth
  • A twinge when you bite down
  • Shadows or discoloration

To diagnose your cavity, we will take a small X-ray of that area to look deeper inside of the tooth. It’s common for cavities to form between teeth, in places that aren’t visible during your dental exam.

About Our OKC Dental Fillings

At Dynamic Dental Orthodontics & Implants we offer minimally-invasive, cosmetic white dental fillings. These composite restorations require minimal alteration to your tooth structure, ensuring that the maximum amount of enamel is preserved. Unlike traditional metal fillings, white restorations bond directly with your tooth structure. This means we can place them in various areas throughout your smile, including smooth surfaces and front teeth.

Dental Fillings: What to Expect

If you’ve never had a dental filling before, you can generally expect the visit to take about an hour from start to finish. Our Oklahoma City dentist will gently numb your tooth, then use a special tool to remove the decayed areas. Next, we match a tooth-colored material to your smile so that the filling blends in with your enamel. After it’s shaped by hand into the opening of your tooth, we cure it with a bright light so that it hardens in place. No one should be able to tell that it’s there!

Don’t Ignore the Signs

Untreated tooth decay can easily spread into the nerve of your tooth or adjacent teeth. It’s not uncommon for cavities to not hurt, making it easy to overlook the symptoms. Be sure to schedule regular checkups so that your smile can be closely monitored and decay caught at the earliest stages possible.

Have a Cavity? Call Now

Tooth decay is a condition that doesn’t improve with time. It only gets worse and spreads deeper into your tooth. It’s best to treat cavities early before they penetrate your dental nerve and cause an abscess.

If you suspect a cavity, it’s best to contact our family dentist in OKC right away. Early intervention will keep your filling as small as possible, preserving your remaining tooth structure. Contact us today for an appointment.