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Endodontic treatment (root canals) are special restorations that treat the inside of your tooth, rather than just the outer enamel. They are often one of the last lines of defense when it comes to tooth preservation.

Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

Once a crack or cavity has worked its way through your tooth and into the nerve, it’s only a matter of time before that tooth dies or becomes abscessed. Covering the area with a crown or filling would trap bacteria inside of your tooth, leading to multiple complications. To prevent the need for a dental extraction, the best solution is to remove the infected nerve and place a filling down inside of the root chamber to seal it off.

Symptoms of Abscessed or Dying Teeth

Pain isn’t always a good indication of how badly infected a tooth is. In fact, it’s common to see abscessed teeth that do not hurt whatsoever. If you suspect that your tooth is abscessed or dying, you may notice symptoms like:

  • Darkening of that specific tooth
  • A small pimple on the gums
  • Salty discharge or taste in that area
  • Sensitivity to hot temperatures
  • Large cracks or cavities
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What to Expect

Getting a root canal isn’t much different than having a tooth filled. The only difference is that it takes a little extra time. Your tooth will be gently numbed up beforehand, so the only thing you should feel is a little pressure.

After your root canal is completed, we will fit your tooth with a crown. Since endodontically treated teeth are no longer living, they tend to be a bit more brittle. The crown will protect and reinforce your tooth underneath, allowing it to function for several years to come.

Do Root Canals Hurt?

Not at all. Thanks to modern techniques, technology, and materials, your root canal procedure will be as comfortable as any other restorative visit. Root canals are meant for relieving tooth pain. That being said, if you have a severe infection or abscess, it may be difficult for the numbing medication to work well; in those situations, we may need to prescribe an antibiotic beforehand to reduce the inflammation in that area.

Gentle Root Canals in OKC

At Dynamic Dental Orthodontics & Implants we pride ourselves in facilitating high-quality, gentle dentistry for everyone. Our comfortable procedures can also be completed alongside safe sedation to ensure the most relaxing experience possible.

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