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Invisalign, ClearCorrect Vs. Braces

Are you weighing your options between Invisalign and traditional braces? There are several factors to consider. The good news is that both orthodontic treatments are safe and effective for people of all backgrounds.

Braces for Children

Phase I and Phase II braces for children are usually completed with traditional bracket and wire systems. Kids make excellent braces candidates because the treatment is closely monitored by our orthodontist and the patient’s parents, ensuring things such as bands or elastics are worn each day. Since children’s mouths are developing at a rapid pace, traditional braces and appliances offer a secure way to facilitate growth modification of the teeth, jaws, and facial profile.

Invisalign tends to be more popular with our older teen orthodontic patients. Especially those who might not like the idea of smiling with braces or trying to keep them clean at school. However, it’s important that your teen be responsible enough to keep up with their aligners. If they tend to forget things easily, a fixed braces system is usually best.

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Traditional Braces

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Treatment for Adults

Most of our adult patients tend to prefer Invisalign, simply because of its discreet and nearly invisible appearance. But not only that, it’s typically easier to fit into a busy work schedule. Since aligners aren’t adjusted the same way braces are, our OKC orthodontist typically doesn’t need to see you for as long or frequent of visits during your treatment.

If you have an especially challenging tooth misalignment case, we may recommend traditional braces. Since fixed appliances are quite efficient for managing severe bite concerns, we can still address circumstances that might not qualify for Invisalign treatment. Be sure to ask our orthodontist about conservative, cosmetic bracket systems that boast a low-profile appearance.

Which is More Comfortable?

People with sensitive teeth tend to prefer Invisalign because there are no bonded appliances or metal brackets involved. The smoother shape tends to glide more gently against your lips and cheeks.

That being said, traditional braces are still a straightforward solution to try. Although a bit of an adjustment period is required for everyone, a week or two is usually all that you’ll need.

Cost of Invisalign vs. Braces

Today, the cost of Invisalign is relatively on-par with traditional braces. Depending on the bite alignment of the individual, Invisalign might actually be priced lower than braces are. Your specific case will depend on the length of treatment, appliances required, and factors such as dental insurance.

Which One is Right for Me?

Our Oklahoma City orthodontist will meet with you one-on-one to discuss your goals and concerns. From there, we can present a proposed care plan for braces, Invisalign, or both (to give you options).

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