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Are you searching for a fast way to replace all of your missing teeth? Our OKC denture options make the process as simple as possible. Dentures provide an efficient and affordable answer for tooth replacement, whether it’s just a few teeth or all of them at once.

Traditional Complete Dentures

A set of traditional dentures (“plates”) offers one of the quickest, most economical choices for restoring all of your teeth at one time. Full dentures rest directly on top of your gum tissue, replacing a full arch of teeth with a single prosthesis.

Full dentures are recommended when all of the teeth are missing or need to be removed. They’re best for situations where the remaining teeth are non-restorable. Otherwise, a partial denture may be recommended.

Looking for a more secure alternative to dentures? Check out our implant retained dentures or All-on-4 implants page.

Partial Denture Designs

Do you still have several healthy teeth? Instead of removing them to wear a full denture, our OKC dentist can fit you with a partial design. Partial dentures snap into place around your existing smile, allowing you to preserve your remaining teeth for as long as possible.

Partial dentures are matched to blend in with your other teeth. Their slimmer design feels comfortable in your mouth for added confidence and functionality.

The design of partial dentures allows them to replace several teeth at once, regardless of where those teeth are located. They work well for patients who may not qualify for dental bridges or implants.

Daily Denture Maintenance

To keep your mouth healthy and dentures lasting as long as possible, be sure to:

  • Remove your dentures nightly and soak them in an effervescent cleanser
  • Clean your mouth twice a day with a soft toothbrush or washcloth
  • After soaking, brush and rinse your dentures to remove any loose residue
  • Plan regular checkups with our OKC dentist to have your denture fit evaluated
  • Let us know if anything rubs or feels irritating, as occasional adjustments may be necessary
Partial Denture Illustration

(Partial Denture Illustration)

Full Denture Illustration

(Full Denture Illustration)

Implant-Supported Denture Options

Dynamic Dental Orthodontics & Implants offers in-house implant therapy with a board-certified periodontal specialist. If you choose an implant-supported denture design, your treatment is completed here with our team rather than referred to an outside specialist. Sedation is also available upon request.

Affordable Dentures in OKC

Our family dental practice works closely with your insurance carrier to help you maximize coverage while limiting out-of-pocket costs. Whether or not you have insurance, we also offer flexible financing options to make affordable monthly payments on your new custom dentures. 0% financing is available.

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At Dynamic Dental Implants & Orthodontics we accept most insurances and are happy to bill your providers. Our goal is to make sure that dental care and orthodontic treatment are affordable and attainable by all.