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Why You Should Choose an Orthodontic Office for Invisalign Treatment in OKC

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Are you thinking about getting Invisalign treatment in OKC? Invisalign is a state-of-the-art orthodontic option that dentists and orthodontists around the world offer. But when it comes to straightening your smile, you want to make sure you’re working with an office specializing in orthodontics. Here are just a few reasons why:

Understanding the Biting Relationship

There’s more to correcting your tooth alignment than just straightening your teeth. How your teeth and jaw fit together (occlude) impacts everything from your TMJ to your face, neck, and shoulder muscles. If your bite is adjusted, other tissues will need to be considered too.

To Know Which Treatment is Best for You

Invisalign isn’t suitable for everyone. Our OKC Orthodontic office will have first-hand knowledge of knowing what works best for your unique circumstances. That way, you make the most intelligent investment in your time and money.

The Best Results

Although Invisalign is digitally mapped and virtually planned with the help of Invisalign labs, you need an orthodontist who can make adjustments on their end as well. If specific teeth seem to pose more of a challenge and need to be handled in a particular manner, working with an orthodontist will mean you’re tackling the “problem” head-on without any guesswork or delays.

Generally speaking, you’ll see higher quality results from orthodontic or Invisalign treatment when you work with an orthodontist. Simply because as specialists, that is the primary area of care they train in. Especially if you have significant spacing or misalignment issues.

Experience (and Knowing What Works)

Inexperienced Invisalign providers may need to perform more “fine-tuning after their patient is due to complete treatment. This can prolong the treatment process and cause frustration for their clients. The more experience your Invisalign orthodontist has, the more accurate your overall results.

Accuracy and Efficiency

Orthodontists focus on orofacial function and bite alignment all day, every day. Their highly tuned skill means you’ll typically see the best results right off the bat, thus reducing the time required to straighten your smile, even for minor tooth movement that only requires a few months.

Choosing an Oklahoma City Orthodontist

Our orthodontist and general dentist are certified Invisalign providers in Oklahoma City. Additionally, we offer both Invisalign and SureSmile, both clear aligner solutions. Depending on your needs, our dentist will make a recommendation as to what is best. Since our office specializes in orthodontics, we are well versed in all areas of bite alignment and of straightening teeth.

Invisalign Treatment

Our Invisalign patients range from teens to retirees. Since Dynamic Dental Orthodontics & Implants has both an orthodontist and a general dentist on staff, you can enjoy more efficient and affordable care close to home. Contact our OKC Invisalign team today to find out if clear aligners are right for you!

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