Smile Makeover to Straighten Teeth and the Use of Dental Implants

Posted on: May 16, 2018

Do you know that it is possible to schedule a smile makeover to straighten teeth? Most people assume that the only way to straighten crooked teeth is by wearing braces. While this is certainly an effective method, it is not the only method. In truth, there are things that we can do to straighten teeth that do not require any orthodontic treatment.

We can also work with an orthodontist. For those who still wish to have braces but have more issues that we need to resolve, we can work closely with an orthodontist to create a comprehensive treatment plan to address these issues.

Why a smile makeover to straighten teeth works

There are multiple treatment solutions we can use to help straighten teeth, depending on how crooked they are. These include:

#1. Dental bonding

If the tooth is only slightly crooked, we can often shave a portion of the enamel and use dental bonding material to shape and straighten it. This is something that we can complete in one day, so it is an easy way to change the appearance of the tooth. We can also use dental bonding to change the shape and size of the tooth if it is overly large or small.

#2. Dental veneers

A veneer is a thin porcelain shell that we can bond to the surface of the tooth. With this treatment, we can make crooked teeth appear straight to transform the overall appearance of teeth and a person’s smile. They can even do things like close gaps between teeth. Dental veneers are so effective that most Hollywood celebrities use them to gain their gorgeous smiles.

#3. Dental implants

There are certain situations where a patient has a mostly straight smile but has one or two teeth that are crooked. In certain circumstances, it can be beneficial to extract those teeth and replace them using a dental implant. This is the most extreme option and so it is one we only recommend after ruling out less invasive choices.

However, if we decide to use dental implants, they will replace the teeth in a way that looks natural. We specialize in placing dental implants so an orthodontist will often refer patients to our office if this is part of the treatment plan. If a patient is missing teeth and goes to get braces, an orthodontist is likely going to recommend contacting our office to replace the missing teeth with dental implants. We will do this either before or during the orthodontic treatment.

Working with and orthodontist

While a smile makeover is highly effective in straightening teeth, it is still wise to consider orthodontic treatment options if the majority of teeth are not in the correct position. In that case, we will help to create a treatment plan that improves the appearance of our patient’s smile after the straightening treatment.

For example, we may still do things like teeth whitening or use dental bonding to change the shape and appearance of teeth. Ultimately, it is important for patients to realize that we are all on the same team and can work together to produce the desired results.

Learn more about the options

We invite anyone who wants to improve their smile and straighten their teeth to call our office and to explore the many options that are available for doing so.

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